How To Turn Off rx/tx Chksums in Xsigo / Linux Driver

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Modifying rx/tx Chksums in Linux Driver Using the Xsigo Driver

To modify chksum offload to off on Linux

To turn off on the fly – but wont stay after a reboot

Firs, remove the module by running run

Next, add back the module by running

For permanent set add the below highlight

cat /etc/modprobe.d/xsigo.conf
### START xsigo entries ###
options ib_mthca rdb_per_qp=64
options mlx4_core log_rdmarc_per_qp=6
options xscore xsigod_enable=1 boot_flag=0 rdma_responder_resources=64
options xsvnic xsvnic_havnic=1 xs_seq_file=1
options xve xs_seq_file=1 xve_no_tx_checksum_offload=1
### END xsigo entries ###

Then run the below (replace with your kernel version)

Modifying ESX chksum offload to off

To check in ESX if checksums are off

To modify the chksum to off

Next, we need to re-load the module
First, we unload the module

To reload the module just run

To verify on the interface
ethtool -k 2018_pviB (assuming the interface name is 2018_pviB)

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