How To Install an IDR Pkg Using a p5p in Solaris 11

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Installing / applying an IDR Pkg(patch) Using a .p5p in Solaris 11.x

First we need to get the list of packages included in the p5p

pkg list -g file:////var/tmp/idr793.1.p5p
NAME (PUBLISHER)                                  VERSION                    IFO
idr793                                            1                          ---

Then install the patch / package

pkg install -g file:////var/tmp/idr793.1.p5p idr793

If the above steps is not working, then you might need to unset the soalris publisher and set the p5p s as your publisher, an example is below.

First unset the solaris repo

pkg unset-publisher -g "*" solaris

Then set the IDR .p5p as your publisher

pkg set-publisher -p /var/tmp/idr793.1.p5p solaris

Now you are ready to install / apply the IDR.

pkg install idr793

Note: Some times un-setting the Solaris repo is not necessary, then the below process will also work (especially if its not a solaris repo)

You might still need to Disable the publishers that are not reachable as package install may fail if any of the already added repositories are unreachable.

Adding a file-based repository on the Solaris system.

pkg set-publisher -p /tmp/install/idr931.1.p5p idr931.1

Then, install the required packages.

pkg install idr793

Once done, unset the temporarily publisher.

pkg unset-publisher idr931

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