Alfresco Installation And Configuration On Solaris

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How to install and configure Alfresco on Solaris

Install Solaris 11

First lets prepare the os, Install Solaris 11 global.
Now lets configure and install a Solaris zone (since Alfresco will be running in a zone).
Follow the below zone configuration to configure your Alfresco Solaris zone.

Configure Local IP Address & route

Create vnic0 for the new zone

Add some needed packages to the zone

Install MySql 5.5

Note: MySql 5.5 is not supported on alfresco 3.3g, instead use mysql-51 installed with pkg

Download MySql 5.5 pkg for solaris x86 install and configure it.

To start mysql

Install OpenOffcie 2.3.1 (or latter)

Create Open Office start up script

Install swftools 2.3.1

Download swftools

Install Alfresco Community Tomcat Bundle

Configure MySql for alfresco

Configure MySql & alfresco database

Create ZFS MySql data set, and set the record size to 16k (match the db record size)

Assign the dateset to the zone

Create MySql databse & Configure MySql my.cnf

Make sure to turn off Double-write buffer on ZFS for the MySql db, change in my.cnf
Note: A full copy of my.cnf is available below appendix b

Create alfresco db

Set MySql log location

Append A –

cat /opt/alfresco/tomcat/shared/classes/

Start & Login to alfresco

Start alfresco

Login to Alfresco Explorer or Alfresco Share
Alfresco has two ways to access the application — Alfresco Explorer and Alfresco Share.

LDAP * Alfresco login

Modify the to support ldap

  • /opt/alfresco/tomcat/webapps/alfresco/WEB-INF/classes/alfresco/subsystems/Authentication/ldap/

Add at the end of /opt/alfresco/tomcat/shared/classes/

Alfresco 3.4.d additional Install

  • install additional packages

  • Note: PATH to tomcat is /var/tomcat
  • Add to /usr/tomcat6/bin/

  • Copy alfresco files (Make backups first)

  • Modify logs4j to the proper directory

  • Modify /var/tomcat6/shared/classes/

Appendx B – /etc/my.cnf

my.cnf for MySql 5.5

my.cnf for MySql 5.1 (slight changed)


  • Alfresco logs: tail -f /opt/alfresco/alfresco.log
  • Tomcat logs: tail -f /opt/alfresco/tomcat/logs/catalina.out


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