Sun fire T5140-T5240 initial boot process

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To start a Sun fire T5120/T5220/T5140/T5240/blades first login with login password

Login: root
Password: changeme

Then power on the server.

Then connect to the consloe

To start a blade login to the chassis and run.

Just getting a T5220 out of the box, the auto-boot? parameter is set to true.
This means that one does not have access to the ok prompt when powering up the server the first time.
Due to the new release of iLOM, the break command does not end on the ok prompt.

According to Sun documentation one can send a graceful shutdown (init 0)
to get to the ok prompt. The following menu is then displayed:

Note: Some time you will need to set manual auto-boot to false, for example if you get the message below,

One can now boot the server on LAN

To Break out to Serial console
First hit ~
Then hit the ESC + (, That is (ESC + Shift-9)

Switching between ALOM and ILOM shells

Here are the commands needed to switch between the ALOM and ILOM shells on the T5xx0 SPARC CMT servers. I’m saving this here because I can never easily find it when I go searching Google or for it.

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