Sendmail SMTP Mail Server Configuration on Solaris

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How to build and configure sendmail with HA

Mail server list
Server Name Server IP

Note: The Mail server’s are two Solaris zones running on two servers.

How to build a sendmail MC config file

A copy of the MC config file is available below.

Solaris sendmail SMF configuration and dependency on file system

In order for sendmail not to come online if /fs1 is not mounted, the below properties need to be added to SMF.

Sendmail HA configurations

In order to rote mail to any of the two mail servers available, we add new MX records to DNS

We then modified on extmail1 & extmail2 to send email based on the MX record of

Change clients to use the new mail servers

Change the DS record on the client to point to the new mail servers.

Disable FallbackSmartHost in on the client to Queue mail.

MC Config file

cat /usr/lib/mail/cf/

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