OVM for SPARC Logical Domain (LDOM) GUI

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To install and deploy the Logical Domains Interface in Sun Java System Console.

First get the software by clicking here

Copy the tar file to /tmp then run
Note: You need to have perl on the system to install and run this.

gunzip Logical_Domains_BUI-1_0_1.tar.gz
tar -xvf Logical_Domains_BUI-1_0_1.tar
perl /tmp/misc/install_bui.pl Logical_Domains_BUI-1_0_1.tar

To give access for other users besides root, add a new read and write user

read only user:
useradd -d /export/home/ruser -m -s /bin/ksh -A solaris.ldoms.read ruser
read and write user:
useradd -d /export/home/wuser -m -s /bin/ksh -A solaris.ldoms.write wuser

To complete the configuration deployment to Sun Java System Console run.

To ''verify deployment''

To start using the new Logical Domains Interface go to
https://server.domain.com:6789 and click on
Logical Domains Browser User Interface

To uninstall and un-deploy the Logical Domains Interface from Sun Java System Console.


For more information on this installation look in /tmp/misc/INSTALL included in this package.

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