Oracle Unified Directory(OUD) Installation And Configuration

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Installing and configuring OUD Directory

Setup OUD user/group account

Modify /etc/hosts

Make sure the FQDN is first in /etc/hosts

Create ZFS file systems

Configure proper owner

Install needed packages

Configure passwords

OS Tuning


Copy and extract files

Install OUD Directory

Note: Make sure to sue java 1.7.0_17-b02 for all products (included in sol11.1/SRU-6.0.4).

Options at installtion

Select the options – like below.

Inventory Directory: /oud/oraInventory
Group: oud

Select run as root (or specify a user)

skip regster
OUD Base: /oud/Oracle/Middleware
Oracle Home: Oracle_OUD1

Before configuring / create certificate

Generate self signed certificate

Get DSEE certifcate(s)

Note The below steps are not needed any more, since we accept the remote LDAP certificate at configure time.

Verify key

Configuring OUD Directory

Install the DS by running oud-setup

Select the certificate

Select the certificate generate in /oud/certs
Note The certificate format used was/is jks, select that.
Enter the cn=diretcory manager password

First OUD Directory instance setup

Make sure to check this is part of a replication topology
Select port 8989 & check SSL

Add the new configured server to ODSM console

Add the new configured server to ODSM and login.

All the other OUD directory’s

Check there is alrady a server in the topology
Enter one of the server names and port
Note: Accept the SSL certificate of all servers permanently

  • Set memory size:

Min: 256
Max: 2048
Complete the configuration
Complete configuration

Configure OUD to allow conflicting schema checking

Configure OUD to allow conflicting structural objectclasses

More settings and information cohabitation odsee oud schema checking

Add an SMTP alert handler

First enable / configure a server SMTP

Add in ODSM an SMTP alert ahndler

Add an SMTP alert handler
Name: SMTP OUD-Alerts

How to start and stop the servers

As the OUD user just run

To start an instance


To stop an instance

OUD tips and tricks

To list all index’s

To add a new index

Create new index with equality

Add substring to the index

How to fully re-index (restart required)

OUD LDAP code list

OUD LDAP error code list

Appendix A

How to create a self signed certificate in pkcs#12



Oracle Unified Directory Configuration Reference

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