ISCSI Tuning For Solaris And Windows

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The following shuld be changed to enhance iSCSI traffic.

Solaris iSCSI tuning

Tune iSCSI perimeters

For more information click here

Tune iSCSI sessions

Defult is 1 Sessions

To change to 4 Sessions

Disable TCP Fusion

For more information click here

Disable Nagle’s algorithm

Append tcp-nodelay=1 to iscsi.conf

Sun recommended Solaris iSCSI

Note: Make sure to disable sendtargets discovery
iscsiadm modify discovery -t disable
enable static

  • iscsiadm modify discovery -s enable
  • iscsiadm add static-config,
  • iscsiadm modify target-param -c 4
  • You have to re-login
  • iscsiadm modify discovery -s disable
  • iscsiadm modify discovery -s enable

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