Compiling DBD driver for informix

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DBD::Informix Install Procedure

General Information

  • The majority of the procedure must run as user informix.
  • Only the make install runs as root.
  • Make sure that the IP/hostname of the build server is in the /etc/hosts.equiv (with the plus sign after it) of the target database server.
  • Make sure that the user exists either in LDAP or as a local user on the database server.
  • Be sure to install the 32-bit version of the Informix Client SDK into desired Informix homedir. (i.e. /opt/informix)
  • Set the correct env-vars listed below.

Informix Client SDK Download Info

The last time I tried to do the download, these two link were reversed, so that when I tried to get the SPARC version, I got the Intel version instead. Both links posted here in case they fix that!

Informix Downloads (IBM Informix Client SDK V3.50.UC3 for Solaris Intel 10, 32bit)

Informix Downloads (IBM Informix Client SDK V3.50.UC3 for Solaris Sparc 9. 10, 32bit)

Misc Links

CPAN DBD::Informix Docs

Environment Information

Build Procedure

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